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If recent developments in the global financial and economical realms have had an effect on your business, you may find yourself trying to cut costs and minimise spending wherever possible. While this is a logical move, it can prove detrimental in some respects. With advances in technology, business strategies and project management, there are many opportunities for you to strengthen your skill-set and help you to advance your business. Of course, it can also work well for your team, in boosting their morale and confidence to perform exceptionally in their roles.  Being afraid to move forward in your business may well leave you behind, which no business can afford in an increasingly competitive climate.

SPOCE, leading innovators in project and programme management training believe that companies may fall behind their competitors and suffer if they do not realise the importance of continuous self-improvement.

Clement Pereira,  Head of e-Learning at SPOCE said, "We realise that times are tough, but growing your business is crucial to those within the organisation as well your client base. Staff training is seen to be a costly ‘frill’ but we can provide a range of accredited distance and self-study learning packages that are perfect for companies that want to keep up with the latest project management skills.”

A highly efficient approach the distance learning option cuts out all costs associated with the standard classroom based and/or outsourced staff training, such as travel, accommodation, and hiring training resources. SPOCE offer a range of the OGC’s Best Practice methods, such as PRINCE2, MSP and the agile DSDM Atern.

The DSDM Atern Passport is the newest in SPOCE’s e-learning range, and features the DSDM Atern the agile project delivery framework equipped to work towards achieving strategic goals while dealing with cost, risk and quality.

The MSP eLearning Self Study option is also an invaluable source of knowledge for senior managers and programme management support members involved with large-scale business initiatives and changes, and who want to work with a structured pathway to achieving business benefits.

The PRINCE2 (Projects in Controlled Environments) qualification, as accredited by the APM Group, provides training for project managers, team managers, and all project support staff. Available in a variety of e-learning options, the packages are a straight forward route to arming you and your team with the skills to successfully control and manage projects.

Mr Pereira added, “E-learning allows candidates to learn in their own time, and at their own pace. If you wish to gain a qualification in the method, which is recognised as the industry’s standard, the necessary exams are included.”

SPOCE also offer instructor led, classroom based, public and on-site client training events covering the whole range of best practice methods including PRINCE2 project management training MSP™ – Managing Successful Programmes, M_o_R® – Management of Risk, ITIL – Services Management, DSDM Atern – the agile project framework, APM – Association of Project Management , P3O - Project Support Office, MoV - Management of Value, MoP - Management of Portfolio & Change Management.


For more information on the self –study/distance learning and classroom based training options offered by SPOCE, visit: http://www.spoce.com/



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