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We provide accredited foundation and practitioner agile project management training courses here at SPOCE. Agile project management is a guide and qualification from the APMG, launched in November 2010. The scheme aims at those working in a project-focused environment (such as PRINCE2) who want to be agile. This project management is based on the proven fundamentals within DSDM Atern, the new certification provides the ability to deliver agile projects in organizations requiring standards, rigour and visibility around project management while at the same time enabling the fast pace, change and empowerment provided by agile. With the PRINCE2 training courses, it is fully scalable and provides perfect integration.


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Agile Project Management Qualifications

The agile project management certification courses feature foundation and practitioner level qualifications. The qualification scheme is based on and supported by a manual called “Agile Project Management Handbook v2” – published by The DSDM Consortium (provided on the course).

The course is based on the tried and tested principles of DSDM Atern and is aimed at project managers who are either adding to their knowledge of traditional approaches such as PRINCE2 or who are operating in an agile environment and need to be able to run projects in more complex and scalable situations.


Agile Project Management Foundation & Practitioner Courses

The agile project management foundation course covers 2 days and ends in with the foundation exam. This exam is 40 minutes, closed book multiple choice of 50 questions. The pass mark is 50% (25/50).

The agile project management foundation & practitioner course is 4 days which covers both the foundation and practitioner level certification. The practitioner exam is 2 and a half hours, open book (restricted to official v2 handbook) objective type exam format comprising 4 main questions worth 20 marks each. The pass rate for this exam is also 50% (40/80). You must have an agile project management foundation certificate or a DSDM Atern foundation certificate in order to undertake the agile project management practitioner exam.


Agile Project Management Training Course Schedule

For more information or to book our foundation and practitioner agile project management training courses, please call SPOCE on +44 (0)1202 736373 or email to reserve your place. Also available as a client event, please click here for a quote.

Some courses may be delivered through our partners.


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