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Better Business Cases™

Five CasesBetter Business Cases™ is a systematic and objective approach to all stages of the business case development process that sits alongside, and complements, HM Treasury’s Green Book guidance.

The course and examination are based on The Five Case Model, the UK government’s best practice approach to planning spending proposals and enabling effective business decisions.


Better Business Cases™ Background

Any public spending proposals are required to be developed and structured based on HM Treasury’s Five Case Model -Better Business Cases™ provides a step by step guide to developing such a business case, by:

  • Establishing a clear need for intervention - a case for change.
  • Setting clear objectives - what you want to achieve from the investment.
  • Considering a range of potential solutions; ensuring optimal balance of benefits.
  • Putting the arrangements in place to successfully deliver the proposal.


The Better Business Cases™ Course will:

  • Provide improved understanding of the Better Business Case process, relevant to both those responsible for producing business cases and those who approve them.
  • Provide an understanding of an established and proven methodology which can be applied at both strategic (macro) and tactical (micro) levels.
  • Provide core business competency for any Manager or Director.
  • Reduce unnecessary spend and optimize public value.
  • Reduce consultancy costs.
  • Improve quality of decision making.

Course Dates

The following is the open course schedule(click the price for online booking).

  Foundation Practitioner
20-24 March 2017 - London £799 £1,299
10-14 July 2017 - London £799 £1,299
09-13 October 2017 - London £799 £1,299


Please contact the SPOCE booking team on 01202 736373 or for any other dates, locations, client events or any other queries.


Qualifications and Exams

The purpose of the foundation certification is to confirm that you have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the guidance to be able to work effectively with, or as a member of, a team to develop a business case using the Five Case Model.

The purpose of the Practitioner qualification is to confirm whether you have achieved sufficient understanding of the theory and application of the Five Case Model to allow them to effectively develop and produce a business case. A successful Practitioner candidate should be able to start applying the model to a real project.

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Click here to download 'The Green Book: appraisal and evaluation in central government'

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