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The Foundation level is aiming to measure whether a candidate would be able to act as an informed member of a management team using the MoV® method within an environment supporting MoV®.

MoV® Practitioner Certificate more info >>

The Practitioner level aims to assess whether a candidate could apply MoV® within an environment supporting MoV®.

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The MoV® guide is aimed at all those involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programmes and projects. MoV is all about maximizing value in line with the programme and project objectives and the key stakeholder requirements. It is not simply about minimizing costs.

MoV is relevant to portfolios, programmes and projects. At the portfolio level it reflects the organization's strategic objectives and sets the agenda for the programmes that deliver these objectives which, in turn, define the projects undertaken to achieve the required outputs.

Whilst MoV® supplements the main purposes of PRINCE2®, MSP® and M_o_R®, its core message is about maximizing value.

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