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Re-Registration Packages

  • Re-Reg Self-Study


    Passport eLearning
    MSP® Manual
    Accredited Trainer Support
    Re-Registration Exam
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  • Re-Reg Blended


    Passport eLearning
    MSP® Manual
    Accredited Trainer Support
    1-day Classroom Exam Prep
    Re-Registration Exam
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  • Re-Reg Classroom


    Event Preparation CD
    MSP® Manual
    4-days Classroom Training
    Course Handouts
    Lunch and Refreshments
    Re-Registration Exam

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Click the adjacent tabs (Options Map, Event Dates, etc) for more information, or click the PDF icon to download. Postage & Packing will be charged at £10+VAT (UK) or £20+VAT (outside UK). Click above to place order or call +44(0)1202 736373.

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Re-Registration Options Map

MSP Re-Registration Options Map

Event Dates

Re-Reg Classroom

Click here for a list of dates for the Re-Registration Classroom (4-days + exam). You will need to call SPOCE on +44 (0)1202 736373 to reserve your place once you have chosen the date. If you would like to make the purchase prior to advising the date then you can do that by clicking here.

We are able to accomodate all weeks in the year at our London venue except bank holidays. Subject to availability - we would recommend booking your exam at least 3 weeks in advance.

London All weeks except bank holidays
Bournemouth  11/03/2016
Manchester  08/04/2016

Exam Preparation Day

Re-Registration Exam Preparation - Event Time Table (day 1)

08:30 Meet

09.00 Introduction and Exam Overview
09.15 MSP® Framework and Concepts
09.35 Identifying a Programme (including sample question)
10.05 Defining a Programme
10.15 Vision (including sample question)

10:45 Coffee

11.00 Blueprint Design and Delivery (including sample question)
11.30 Programme Planning and Control (including sample question)
1200 Benefits Realisation Management (including sample question)

12:30 Lunch

13.15 Business Case (including sample question)
13.45 Organisation (including sample question)
14.15 Programme Office (including sample question)
14.45 Leadership and Stakeholder Engagement (including sample question)

15:15 Tea

15.40 Delivering the Capability (including sample question)
16.10 Realising the Benefits
16.20 Quality Management (including sample question)
16.50 Risk Management and Issue Resolution (including sample question)
17.20 Closing a Programme

17:30 Close

Note: Actual order and coverage may differ depending on each course’s timings and the needs of the delegates.


MSP® Re-Registration Exam (day 2) 

Re-Registration Exam

8:50 Meet

9:00 Administration and Instructions for Re-registration Exam

9.15 MSP® Re-registration Exam - 1 Hour and 15 minutes, Open Book (Manual only) Scenario-based objective test. Pass mark = 55%

10:15 Admin and collection of exam papers

10:30 Re-registration Exam closes

Client Courses

SPOCE can run Re-Registration events and any of its training courses at your organisation. This is cost-effective if you have more than 5 or 6 delegates to train on one course. Any fewer than 4 or 5 and it is more cost-effective to use SPOCE's open public schedule.

What are the costs?

SPOCE can provide you with a breakdown of costs for your course, including details of:

  • daily trainer rate
  • expenses, trainer accommodation and travel
  • a "per delegate" fee for manuals, registration fees, exams

As an example, if you had 12 people to train and examine for Re-Registration, you could save 20%-30% off the individual package prices.

If you would like a quote for SPOCE to run a course for your organisation, please submit the form below or call us on +44 (0)1202 736373. Alternatively you can email SPOCE on and we will aim to beat any like for like quote.

Re-Registration FAQs

How do I choose between SPOCE's Re-Registration options?

Re-Reg Self-Study - £399 + P&P + VAT

This self-study package gives individuals a cost-effective option to review MSP® using SPOCE's e-Learning. SPOCE recommends that approximately 20 hours is committed to fully understand the latest manual, although time will vary depending on the candidate's involvement with MSP®. Included in this package is SPOCE's e-Learning, the latest MSP® Manual; and the Re-Registration Exam.  The exam date can be chosen when you are coming to the end of your study and can be taken at any SPOCE exam venue.

Re-Reg Blended - £599 + P&P + VAT

This package is ideal for individuals who have a need to re-study MSP®, and are looking for a mixture of self-study and classroom training. Candidates should prepare for the exam using SPOCE's e-Learning, and then attend a 1-day exam preparation event to fine-tune their understanding with an approved MSP® trainer. The exam preparation day and exam date can be chosen when you feel ready to attend.

Re-Reg Classroom - £899 + P&P + VAT

This is the full 4-day training course which will prepare you thoroughly for the Re-Registration Exam.  The MSP Manual was updated in 2003 and 2007 and includes a number of significant updates. SPOCE recommends that individuals who have not studied the MSP Guide for a while choose either the classroom option or the Re-Reg Blended option. Includes the latest MSP® Manual; exam preparation CD; 4-days training; all course handouts; refreshments and the Re-Registration Exam.

Re-Registration Exam only - £199 + VAT

If you are confident that your knowledge of MSP® is up to date and you do not require any training or support, then you may choose to take this exam-only option. This is just the 1-hour, 15 minute exam without any training provided by SPOCE.  The exam can be taken at any SPOCE exam venue.


Why do I have to re-register?

The Examination Board has determined that all MSP® Practitioners should be re-registered within 3-5 years of their original certification. This re-registration comprises a 1-hour examination set at the same standard as the Practitioner examination. All Practitioners who have taken the MSP Practitioner qualification have agreed or are agreeing to this requirement as part of their initial application and so are now designated as Registered Practitioners.


How long does my registration last for?

The registration has a validity of five years and Registered Practitioners will be required to take a re-registration examination to confirm their competence in the MSP® Guidance before the end of the five year period.


What happens if I have gone past my 5-year period?

You should contact SPOCE who will be able to arrange the Re-Registration exam for you. If you have exceeded the 5-year term, you can still take the 1-hour and 15 minutes Re-Registration exam. In the meantime you should be aware that your "Registered" status is lapsed, and this will show on the APMG Successful Candidate Register.


What format is the Re-Registration exam?

The Re-registration exam follows the same format as the Practitioner exam but the Question Booklet contains three questions, giving a total of 30 marks available, to be answered within one hour and 15 minutes. It is an open-book exam (MSP® Manual only)

The pass mark is 15 from a possible 30 marks (50%). Each question tests one of the syllabus areas. The exam can be taken at any of SPOCE's venues (paper-based).


Is Re-Registration required for the Advanced Practitioner level?

The format of the Advanced Practitioner Re-registration is:

A 2000 – 4000 word "dissertation" (suggested target 2500 words) on a specific subject (selected from a range of topics) demonstrating application of MSP®. It would ideally be based on a "real life" programme that the candidate has worked within. If this is not possible (if a candidate has not recently worked within a programme or their programme contains classified information), it would be acceptable to base it on the Advanced Practitioner Case Study "MSP®Care". There are no time restrictions imposed on this dissertation. The dissertation will be marked out of a possible 75 marks with the candidate needing 38 marks to achieve a pass.

If you would like to undertake the Advanced Practitioner Re-registration please contact SPOCE on 01202 736373 for further details.

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