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SPOCE - Proud trainers of the World's first PRINCE2® Agile course

SPOCE are proud to run the world’s first PRINCE2 Agile training course that helps people to achieve the qualification by using agile methods in a PRINCE2 environment. PRINCE2 Agile is the world’s most complete project management solution which combines the flexibility and responsiveness of agile with a clear defined framework of PRINCE2®.

PRINCE2 Agile is a new extension module tailored for forward-thinking organisations and individuals that are already benefiting from PRINCE2 and would like further guidance on how to apply their agile methods to the world’s most recognised project management method. So if you are PRINCE2 foundation or above certified and would like to know more about this innovative course then please read on.

The PRINCE2 Agile course is the first major product development from AXELOS’ project and programme management (PPM) portfolio which will be supported by an exam qualification and accredited training to support its use. PRINCE2 and PRINCE2 agile training can be applied to any type of project within any industry sector.

The new guidance and training help PRINCE2 qualified delegates tailor management controls for agile development while helping ‘agilistas’ understand PRINCE2 governance requirements.

Changes to pre-requisites

Previously project managers could not sit this qualification unless they held PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate. This has now changed, opening up new opportunities to sit this course for a much wider range of candidates. Take a look at our list below to see if you qualify.

  • PRINCE2 Foundation
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner
  • Project Management Professional (PMP)
  • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
  • IPMA Level A®(Certified Projects Director)
  • IPMA Level B®(Certified Senior Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level C®(Certified Project Manager)
  • IPMA Level D®(Certified Project Management Associate).

This extension is due to run until December 2017 so if you hold any of the above certifications and are considering PRINCE2 Agile then why not get in touch?

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Course Dates

The following courses are scheduled (click the price for online booking).

Date Location Price
20-22 February 2017 London £1,299
10-12 April 2017 Southampton £1,299
15-17 May 2017 London £1,299
07-09 August 2017 London £1,299
09-11 October 2017 Bournemouth £1,299
04-06 December 2017 London £1,299


PRINCE2 Agile Qualification and Exams

As this qualification is aimed at supporting PRINCE2® foundation and practitioners working in an agile environment, you must be PRINCE2 foundation certified to take the qualification. This is seen very much as an extension unit for PRINCE2.

The exam is aiming to measure whether a candidate could apply agile approaches within a PRINCE2 environment. The exam is a 2-5hour, open book exam.

PRINCE2 Agile Benefits

  • Allows projects and Project Managers to focus on both management and delivery
  • Enables you to scale work to your precise requirements
  • Will work with any established agile approach
  • Is a collaboratively-built programme that is corporate-friendly
  • Requires only PRINCE2 foundation as a pre-requisite

For information regarding our PRINCE2 Agile training courses, please email

Needless to say, that SPOCE are pioneers in risk, project and programme management training courses.

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Video: Introduction to PRINCE2 Agile

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