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What is it?

AXELOS recently announced some evolutionary changes to the PRINCE2® guidance and the Foundation and Practitioner exams for 2017, officially known as ‘PRINCE2® Update 2017’. The changes have been anticipated for some time in the industry and while the core elements of PRINCE2 remain as relevant as ever, enhancements have been made to reflect our changing and dynamic working environment.

When does this happen?

Changes to the guidance and exams are expected to take place approximately mid-2017.


What’s changed?

The guide and exams remain largely the same. The core of PRINCE2 with it’s tried and tested approach to project management is as strong today as it ever was. However, the following changes have been made:


The guidance

·         Tailoring now appears as a constant throughout the guidance

·         More specific examples are given in applying themes to a project

·         Practical examples of applying the methods are increased in the guidance

·         There is an enhanced link between the themes and principles


The exams

·         The average blooms level for assessment will increase meaning an increase in difficulty

·         Question volume has been reduced slightly to try and balance this


Practitioner status

With the new update, Practitioner status will only last for 3 years instead of the current 5 years. And candidates will no longer be able to refresh this with a ‘Re-Registration’ exam. After launch, Practitioner status will need to be upheld by doing one of the following:

1.       An active subscription to the AXELOS PRINCE2 membership scheme each year

2.       Completing the required 45 CPD points within 3 years

3.       Retaking the full PRINCE2 Practitioner exam


Only at SPOCE will you be able to purchase AXELOS PRINCE2 membership when you book on your PRINCE2 course - for only £59 (with no registration fee). This is a saving of over £70!


Click here for more details on AXELOS PRINCE2 membership


How does this affect me?

I am already PRINCE2 Practitioner accredited – you don’t need to do anything just yet. Your Practitioner accreditation remains just as valid and your status will run out at the end of its 5 years.

I am not yet PRINCE2 (Practitioner) qualified – There are some real benefits to be gained from taking your qualification before the launch of PRINCE2 update 2017.


Why should I book now?

·        Your Practitioner status will last longer – simply put, if you sit your Practitioner exam using the current PRINCE2, your status will last 5 years instead of only 3.

·        You’ll know what to expect – the current exams have been honed for many years so you know that they will be tried and tested when you sit them.

·        Your exams will be easier – Blooms levels have changed on the new exams making questions more difficult.

·        You could be waiting quite a while - Mid-2017. It’s a long time away and if the launch is delayed for any reason you could find yourself waiting even longer!

·        You won’t miss anything! – You will still get the best of both worlds if you book a current PRINCE2 course with SPOCE.  After launch, we will supply you with a FREE e-Learning module detailing exactly how things have changed.


What to do now?

If any of the above statements is important to you then we recommend that you speak with one of our team to find out about sitting the current PRINCE2 course and exams before the launch of PRINCE2 update 2017.

Call:                        01202 736373

Click here to download the FAQ guide to the PRINCE2® update changes


PRINCE2® is a registered trademarks of AXELOS Limited. All trademarks are used under the permission, and remain the property, of their respective owners and are used for identification purposes only.

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