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PRINCE2® Executive Briefing


PRINCE2® is internationally accepted as the leading ‘best practice’ project management approach.  This event provides an overview of PRINCE2®, focusing in particular on the ‘Directing a Project’ decision making process, and the Project Board roles and responsibilities.

Who is the course designed for?

This briefing is available as an in-house company event only, and is suitable for decision-makers and senior managers, especially those with Project Board responsibilities.  It is also suitable for any senior manager wishing to understand the basic principles embodied within the method.  The event provides a high-level introduction to the method, with a focus on the organisational and control aspects of the Project Board.

What are the course objectives?

The key objectives of this course are:

  • To provide decision makers and managers with an overall understanding of the benefits and principles that can be found in a structured approach to project management using PRINCE2®.
  • To provide decision makers with an appreciation of both the Principles of PRINCE2® and the    key elements of the “Directing a Project” Process.
  • To facilitate communication with project managers responsible for using PRINCE2® as the means of planning and controlling projects.
  • Enable decision makers to contribute to projects and management stages by having a basic understanding of the principles of structured project management and PRINCE2® in particular.

What does the course cover?

Introduction To The PRINCE2® Method - An introductory session to set the scene.  The PRINCE2® Principles, Processes and Themes will be identified and briefly explained.  What PRINCE2® is, and is not, will be discussed.  The benefits of introducing PRINCE2® will also be covered.

The Process-Based Approach - The key drivers within PRINCE2® lie in its Processes.  Within each Process, the method draws on and refers to both the Principles and the Themes. The PRINCE2® Process Model will be “walked-through” with special emphasis on the decision making Process “Directing a Project”

Management Organisation - An explanation and evaluation of the PRINCE2® Organisation Structure and Role Descriptions. The Customer: Supplier environment and the Project Board roles will be discussed in particular.

Controls Structure - The briefing will focus on the PRINCE2® structure of Controls - particularly Project Initiation, End Stage Assessment, Status Reporting, and Tolerance.  The importance of identifying, reviewing and logging the business benefits and project risks will be considered in an appropriate level of detail.


What is the course approach?

The event will be delivered by a senior consultant with practical experience of using and implementing the PRINCE2® method.

What course materials are included?

Each attendee is provided with a handout which includes and overview of PRINCE2, a copy of any presentation visuals that are used on the event, and an in-depth list of key questions of what should be asked during Project Board meetings.













Delegate Feedback

The following is a list of feedback comments from customers attending recent SPOCE events.


"Julia was fantastic and went over configuration management again and again until I finally got it!! So thank you ever so much. This will really help me in my daily working life" Rachel Cough

"Excellent Trainer/Course/Hotel Facilities - Great Knowledge and presentation skills of the trainer - very Enjoyable Course" Leanne Preuss

"Richard is a fantastic trainer and I would recommend him to anyone. Thanks!" Res Sembi

"Trainer was faultless, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, thorough etc. I would recommend collagues to attend the course with this trainer in particular" Andrew Willis

"Enjoyed the way the course was delivered with respect to interaction of delegates" Jason Bennett

"Mike was excellent. I think i'd have been worn out by about 10am on Monday if I were him" Sally Ragret

"Richard made a complex subject clear and got us up to speed in 3 days!" Paul Curtis

"The course surpassed my expectations. I'll totally recomend it to my colleagues" Marjuh Hernandez

"The trainer was outstanding, imformative, helpful, well prepared, able to tailor the course to particular requirements, and had a sense of humour!" Saminia Khan

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