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SPOCE provides training for the following methods and tools. For an overview of the topic, click the main logos. For specific details, click on your chosen course below.

APMIC - Project Management Fundamentals (2 days)
APMP - Project Management Certificate (5 days)
APMP for PRINCE2 Practitioners - Project management Certifcate (3 days)
AgilePM Foundation (3 days)
AgilePM Foundation & Practitioner (4 days)
AgilePM Practitioner Exam Preparation (1 days)
AgilePM Awareness (1 day or Online)
Better Business Cases
Better Business Cases
Better Business Cases Foundation (3 days)
Better Business Cases Foundation & Practitioner (5 days)
Better Business Cases Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)

Better Business Cases Awareness (1 day)
Change Management
Change Management
CM Foundation (3 days)
CM Foundation & Practitioner (5 days)
CM Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)

Change Management Awareness (1 day)
Facilitation Foundation (3 days)
Facilitation Foundation & Practitioner (5 days)
Facilitationt Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)

Facilitation Awareness (1 day)
LeanIT (2 days)
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (2 days)
ITIL Foundation (3 days)
ITIL Online Learning (20 hours)
ITIL Practitioner (2 days)
MoP Management of Portfolios Portfolio Management MoP Foundation (2 days)
MoP Foundation & Practitioner (4 days)
MoP Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)
MoP Executive Briefing (up to 1 day)
MoP Awareness (1 day)
M_o_R Management of Risk Risk Management M_o_R Foundation (3 days)
M_o_R Foundation & Practitioner (5 days)
M_o_R Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)
M_o_R Re-Registration (1-5 days)
M_o_R Key Players
M_o_R Executive Briefing (up to 1 day)
M_o_R Awareness (1 day)
MoV Management of Value Value Management MoV Foundation (2 days)
MoV Foundation & Practitioner (4 days)
MoV Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)

MoV Executive Briefing (up to 1 day)
MoV Awareness (1 day)
MSP Managing Successful Programmes Programme Management MSP Foundation (3 days)
MSP Foundation & Practitioner (5 days)
MSP Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)
MSP Re-Registration (1-5 days)
MSP Executive Briefing (up to 1 day)
MSP Awareness (1 day or Online)

MSP Online Learning (20-40 hours)
P3O Portfolio, Programme and Project Offices Project Offices P3O Foundation (3 days)
P3O Foundation & Practitioner (5 days)
P3O Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)
P3O Executive Briefing (up to 1 day)
P3O Awareness (1 day)
PRINCE2 PRINCE2® PRINCE2 Foundation (3 days)
PRINCE2 Foundation & Practitioner (5 days)
PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam Preparation (2 days)
PRINCE2 Re-Registration (1-5 days)
PRINCE2 Key Players
PRINCE2 Executive Briefing (up to 1 day)
PRINCE2 Awareness (1 day or Online)
PRINCE2 Online Learning (20-40 hours)
PRINCE2 Agile®
PRINCE2 Agile Practitioner (3 days)
PRINCE2 Agile Online Learning (25 hours)

Microsoft Project

MS Project

MS Project Introduction (1 day)
MS Project Intermediate (1 day)
MS Project Introduction & Intermediate (2 days)


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