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SPOCE's Project Management Guides provide a practical tool for using the PRINCE2 Project Management Methodology for projects across an organisation. The PM Guides are avaialble either as a stand alone tool for purchase by an organisation, or as part of an implementation.

To assist the use of project management within and organisation, SPOCE can review your organisation's current processes, tools and techniques and integrate these into the PRINCE2 environment.  While emphasis is placed on the PRINCE2 standards, existing practices are used as guidance.  It is important not to lose existing practice as this is often built up from a number of years, incorporating many lessons.

SPOCE uses its "PM Guides" to speed up the implementation of PRINCE2. The PM Guides is a set of 5 structured guides that describe how the project environment works.  The system is based on establishing at least two levels of project (possibly three if required).  The criteria for the levels of project will be based on a number of factors including time, cost, risk, project nature, resource experience, etc.  Having these criteria clearly defined will facilitate clear guidance on the level of controls that are required for each project.

Within each project level, the PM Guides will give step by step advice on what should be undertaken to help ensure successful project management is applied in accordance to what is expected by the organisation.  Backed up with template documents and a Techniques section, the PM Guides are intended to be “living” so that as the understanding and maturity of project management increases, the PM Guides advice can be modified and developed.

SPOCE can provide the source files and a perpetual license for its PM Guides.  This license authorises an organisation to develop, host and print all elements of the PM Guides.  The source files provided enable the organisation to make modifications to the product and update it as necessary on an ongoing basis.

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Development Approach

If you are looking for SPOCE to assist with tailoring and modifying the PM Guides, SPOCE's proven approach is to work with your resources to integrate of your current techniques and PM approaches, taking the following 5-steps.


1. Initial Study

  • Review of current processes
  • Project definitions workshop to begin to define project levels (i.e. simple, normal, complex, etc.)

2. PM Workshops

  • SPOCE bases its implementation for PRINCE2 on the seven Themes (Business Case, Organisation, Quality, Plans, Risk, Change, Progress) and asks your organisation for “Theme Leaders” who will own a theme
  • Series of half-day workshops with the Theme Leaders to match PRINCE2 to your organisation’s environment.

3. PM Guides & Development

Using the output from the workshops, SPOCE tailors its standard PM Guides and to develop this into an online solution.  This includes:

  • Overview Guide – Explaining the types of projects and levels or project, along with a summary of project controls that should be applied to each.
  • Managing Projects Guide – a step-by-step guide for managing each type (or level) of project.
  • Techniques Guide – Explaining how your organisation carries our various areas of project management (i.e. risk, planning, etc).
  • Templates Guide – A full set of project templates that have been tailored to your organisation.  Accessible directly from multiple points in the online PM Guides, the template documents are provided by SPOCE, and then modified by your own resources with the help of SPOCE.

4. Review & Implement

The PM Guides should be reviewed by your resources prior to being launched.

5. Facilitation of Launch Event

Launch usually would be recommended as a half day demonstration, with open surgery for handling questions, etc.


The above steps provide a complete PRINCE2 online guide, tailored to your organisarion's project types.  The timeframe for this process depends on availability of your people for attendance to the workshops.  All things being well then the process should not take more than 2-3 months.  If you were to go ahead with this, either with SPOCE or not, we would advise that you have somebody assigned to owning the PM Guide (i.e. a Project Management Office) for ongoing responsibility of maintaining the standards and feeding back lessons into the guide.

If you would like to arrange a meeting with one of SPOCE's team then call +44 (0)1202 736373 or email,

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