Important timings

Official launch date - 4th July 2017

Course manual – available now!

1st SPOCE course starts wc 3rd July – FULL (many more dates available, see below for details)

1st exams available 10th July 2017

What are the changes?

PRINCE2 2017 has been developed by AXELOS and is an evolution of the most popular project management method in the world. As the changes are evolutionary, the core of PRINCE2® with its tried and tested approach is as strong today as it ever was. Essentially, this is the same but well…better. So why change anything? Our MD here at SPOCE Paul Bradley says:

“AXELOS have been working hard to ensure that the approach stays up to date with requirements for organisations and reflect todays working environment. The guidance includes the feedback and input of over 100 project management professionals to ensure that standards were of the highest.”

The guidance 

1. Tailoring is one of the main changes and now appears as a constant throughout the guidance. It was previously a separate chapter at the very end (chapter 19) of the manual. It has now been brought forward to chapter 4 and is a now a constant throughout the manual:

Tailoring and Adopting PRINCE2 (Chapter 4)

– Tailoring PRINCE2 – General considerations

– Adopting PRINCE2

– Tailoring PRINCE2 to suit different projects

– Adopting PRINCE2 in an organisational environment

Some other changes 

2. Change Theme - Configuration management – now just minor references to asset or product control 

3. Progress Theme - Management stages and planning horizons moved from Progress to Plans 

4. Risk Theme -Aligned to M_o_R® – project size, scale, complexity.

5. Delivery approach/commercial - Removed “Reject” – now “Accept”; “Fallback” – now “Prepare contingent plans” 

6. Name changes - 2009: “Strategy” renamed - now called “Approach” Quality; Risk; Communication; Benefits (plus a   Change control approach)

The exams

Foundation exam

Topics - that do not relate to the core of PRINCE2 such as ‘Configuration Management’ have been removed.

Emphasis - changed to focus more on the principles and emphasis also gives more equal weighting to all of the themes.

The questions - reduced in number from 75 to 60 questions in 60 minutes with a slightly increased pass mark of 55%. The number of ‘negative and list questions’ have also been reduced. 

Practitioner exam

The content - changed with more of a focus on the principles and the number of questions on management products has now been reduced.

Difficulty - increased in some parts from Blooms level 3 to 4

The design of the questions - improved with less ‘additional information’ in the paper and multiple response questions have been reduced with marks required (68).

Important changes to Practitioner status

As part of the changes, AXELOS have implemented some changes to the requirements for holding ‘Practitioner status.’ ‘Practitioner status’ will now last for 3 years instead of the current 5 years. Importantly, candidates will no longer be able to refresh this with a ‘Re-Registration’ exam as part of the update. Practitioner status will need to be upheld by doing one of the following:

1. An active subscription to the AXELOS PRINCE2® membership scheme each year

2. Completing the required 20 CPD points per year over a 3-year period

3. Taking the Practitioner exam again (not as a re-reg exam)

What to do if….

You are currently PRINCE2 qualified but due to take your re-registration exam?

You can still do this until the end of 2017 with SPOCE if you take this based on the current PRINCE2. Your registration will then last another 5 years. After that time, there will be no more options for you to take a ‘re-reg’ exam as these are being fully phased out by the end of 2017. However, the other option is to take the new PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner exam. Although you will only remain current for 3 years there are a few options for your remaining current:

• You can take another practitioner exam after 3 years

• You can take AXELOS membership (which is now FREE for 1 year to those that take the new PRINCE2 practitioner exam).

Keep this up to date, earning 20 CPD points each year and you needn’t take another PRINCE2 Practitioner exam again as this will keep your status current.

You are about to take your PRINCE2 Practitioner exam for the first time

You cannot take a re-registration exam as this relates to those who are already PRINCE2 qualified but you will have the choice whether to take the current, or the new PRINCE2 until the end of this year. As above, on the current version your status will still last for 5 years but on the new version, you can advise your organisation that you have the newly updated version and can keep your Practitioner status’ current by simply becoming a member of the AXELOS PRINCE2 membership scheme - keeping the required annual number of CPD points updated (currently set at 20 per year).

If you are about to take PRINCE2 Foundation exam

There are no changes to Foundation status itself. When you pass this exam you are PRINCE2 Foundation qualified for life.

Important changes to membership status

As part of the PRINCE2 2017 changes and its newly implemented connection with AXELOS membership, AXELOS are changing the way in which candidates can maintain their certification through PRINCE2 Membership. As follows:

1. One year’s PRINCE2 Membership with every PRINCE2 2017 Update Practitioner exam from 10 July 2017

2. The cost of PRINCE2 membership has been reduced from £100 and £25 registration fee to £50 + VAT per annum - no longer a registration fee.

Join our webinar, in association with APMG

To celebrate the long-awaited launch of PRINCE2 2017 and to give you a full overview of the changes that have been made, SPOCE MD Paul Bradley will be presenting the main changes to the guidance in our webinar 12 PM Tuesday 4th July 2017. Here he will be providing you with a full update of the changes from the content of the guidance (in particular, tailoring), the updated exam requirements and what these changes will mean to organisations and PRINCE2 Practitioners alike.

There will be a chance to ask Paul directly if you have any questions on the subject.

When: 12 PM Tuesday 4th July 2017

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