This week SPOCE announced the launch of their innovative new training solution for the busy delegate. SPOCE ONLIVE offers delegates and clients all the benefits of e-Learning, with its convenience and flexibility, but with all the support and connectivity of the classroom. 

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What do we mean by this?

With SPOCE ONLIVE virtual classroom delegates are able to log into live trainer sessions from the comfort of their desks. In fact, as the platform is compatible with any device, delegates can study from wherever they like as long as they have Wi-fi connection and can print up any support material that is included in the session (if they wish to print this up). The list of benefits that this study option offers delegates is long. It is essentially the best bits of classroom and e-Learning in one solution. As follows:

The convenience of e-Learning

Like e-learning there is no travelling to classrooms or conference centres.

◊ It's compatible, with a Wi-fi connection, you can study from any device.

◊ It's tailored to the level of learning that is required, whether this is Foundation, Practitioner, an overview or any other level.

Unlike any other training provider that claims to offer this solution, SPOCE's ONLIVE virtual classroom allows the delegate the flexibility of choosing their own schedule. What do we mean by that? For example, delegates can study for PRINCE2® just in the mornings if that's how they like to learn. Or, should they wish to complete the course as quickly as possible, they can choose to take the 'all day' study option. There is even an evening option for delegates that may not wish to disrupt their work schedule.

Study 'Anytime ONLIVE' for maximum flexibility

For those that are unsure what their schedule is going to look like, or want the comfort of knowing that they can listen to sessions multiple times, there is the 'ONLIVE Anytime' option.  The 'Anytime' option gives the delegate access to all of the available session suite so that they can dip in and out of them as they please.  Busy that afternoon but free that same evening? No problem, just pop back in and catch up later, or the next day. 

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The support and interaction of the classroom

◊  Live and interactive training sessions presented by SPOCE's expert team of accredited trainers.

◊  All the components of live classroom such as:

presentations; whiteboard drawings; class surveys and discussions; breakout sessions; the ability to raise your hand.

◊  Ongoing support with class exercises and exam questions.

So, why the need for ONLIVE?

SPOCE Managing Director Paul Bradley says:

"We had been investigating alternative solutions to classroom and e-Learning for some time.  There will always be a place for these training options because people have different needs when it comes to how they like to learn. However, from listening to the feedback of our clients and delegates we definitely thought that there was a place for something that sat somewhere in the middle of this spectrum. For some people, learning is about feeling connected and being part of a discussion group. For others, their learning style is much more autonomous. They are quite happy to delve into unknown territory self-paced and unaided. Most of us are actually a mix of the two. We are confident and self-assured but are also social creatures who benefit from hearing the experiences of others.

We were also acutely aware of how the study landscape is changing. People simply do not have the time to be out of the office for long stretches, they are also used to working from their homes and to all sorts of different schedules. That's a pretty big brief to fill but we believe we have done this with ONLIVE."

So what's involved for you as a delegate?

Training begins with a 2 hour pre-course study session presented by the trainer (the equivalent e-Learning option taken before classroom takes 10 hours). If you cannot make yourself available for this, you can still prepare for the course in the traditional way. You then simply log in to your sessions as and when you have booked them. Most courses also come with exam preparation sessions as part of the package so that you not only understand how to apply the method to your organisation but feel confident that you are approaching the questions in the right way in order to pass.

Step 1. Book your preferred session option using one of the following options:

Visit downloading the session guide and clicking the 'Book Now' button on your chosen session.

Call 01202 736373 and book through one of our service team.


Or live chat

Step 2. You will then receive a booking confirmation from SPOCE, along with details of the ONLIVE system.  This gives you a chance to login and check your system.

Step 3.Shortly before your first session begins you will receive an email from SPOCE ONLIVE inviting you to the course, giving you the correct link to the course you have signed up for.

Step 4. When your session is due to start, log in and click the 'Enter Classroom' button which will take you to the virtual lobby. here you will receive a brief overview of the interface (which the trainer will also go through with you when the session starts). If you have time you may even wish to participate in a game of 'paper, scissors, stones' with your virtual classmates.

Step 5. Once the session begins the SPOCE expert trainer will take your through the interface again and from there your virtual classroom course begins.

For more information on how this works and what the benefits are, why not download our quick guide to ONLIVE;

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But don't just take our word for it...

The delegates who have already taken part in ONLIVE have been extremely complimentary about the new solution. They found it to be very user friendly and the proposed benefits of the solution really were fulfilled. For example, Anthony Campbell-Butler from Zuan Consultancy says:

"SPOCE ONLIVE is good old fashioned real-time interaction but with no inconvenience at all. It is incredibly easy to use and far exceeded any preconceptions I had about virtual classroom training."

And what about the training experience itself?  Anthony goes on to say:

The training:

"I was suitably impressed with the trainer. His pace was  perfect  and  he  had  the  right level of interaction and presenting. He was particularly good at drawing out the rest of the  class so that everyone felt that they contributed. He conducted online surveys and questionnaires so that we all felt that we participated. I am happy with the classroom environment but I also felt that those people who were a little  quieter would  have liked this method as it left you feeling a little less exposed than the traditional classroom too.

The   technical   functionality:  

There was not one glitch! I can honestly say there wasn’t one technical hitch throughout and the sound and visual quality was great. I logged in on my laptop but I believe you can log in and use this platform on any device.

Your ability to interact with the trainer and the rest of the class:

This is literally the key to why I found the training so successful. Just like in the classroom, you can raise your hand and speak with the trainer (or to the rest of the class) if you have a question. Or if you just wish to raise a point of further discussion."

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Visit downloading the session guide and clicking the 'Book Now' button on your chosen session.

Call 01202 736373 and book through one of our service team.