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Week 2. The Project Managers training blog by Paul Bradley SPOCE MD

Week 2 of SPOCE MD Paul Bradley's TCS London Marathon training blog sees him battle the heatwave and tackle the challenges surrounding plans, resources and the business case. Yes, every initiative in life can be dealt with as a project and Paul shows us how in week 2 of his blog series. Paul is running the TCS London Marathon in aid of Sense, a national charity for the disabled. Find out how you can help the charity and also train APM for FREE as part of his fundraising efforts.

10th July 2020 - Marathon day minus 12 weeks

Plans, Resources and the Business Case

This week once again saw me run more miles in a week than ever before. The grand total was 27 miles. Last week I wrote about the resources I would need, but I needed a plan first. I now have this, albeit a high level one.

Here are the key points from the plan, and some of the resources needed to complete it:

• 360 miles in total

• 12 weeks remaining

• Average of 30 miles each week

• 54 hours running (me)

• 30 hours running (coach AKA my running buddy Guy)

• 3 pairs of Nike running shoes (includes new pair for race day)

• 4 pairs of Hilly toe socks

• 20 bars of Voom Electro Energy bars

• 36 Revvie Caffeine Strips

• 108 litres water

So with all that in mind, the burning question is why? I asked my running buddy (and now appointed 'Coach') Guy this question last week. "Why do we get up, run all this way, only to finish where we started"? "Because we can", he replied.

This probably isn't enough to stack up as a business case, so let's look at it a little more.

Business Case

Reasons: To raise vital funds for people with complex disabilities.


• Do nothing - this is not an option due to the increasing needs of the charity sector during this difficult financial climate.

• Do minimum - we could make a direct donation to the charity, which would provide much needed funds.

• Do something - this is the chosen option.

While there is a minimum amount to fundraise, additional benefits can be gained by setting up a campaign based around running the London Marathon, including raising awareness and inspiring people.


1. Raise a minimum amount of £2,000 for Sense UK.

2. Raise awareness of the work of Sense UK to a new audience of >10,000 project professionals

3. Raise awareness of communication difficulties experienced by deafblind people and people with complex difficulties to a new audience of >10,000 project professionals.

4. Improve project management skills of donators by providing accredited training for free.


There are one or two disbenefits related to some of my work being affected due to the training, but, while technically a disbenefit, I'm not adding it in!

Major Risks

Injury: Likelihood: Low-Medium Impact: Low-Medium

This is the biggest risk to successfully completing the marathon. It is unlikely to affect the fundraising though, and will not affect the project management training provided to the donators.


This section should include costs of the resources used, including cost of time, equipment, consumables, expenses, etc. While I have this information, I will fund this, so there will be no cost to the project.


• The London Marathon is scheduled for 2nd October 2022.

• The fundraising will finish on 2nd November 2022.

So, what's next?

The week will begin with an 8 mile run, and will finish with 17 miles on Friday (subject to what 'Coach' has planned). I'll be writing more about him, and the rest of the project team next week, when the topic will be 'Organisation Structure and Roles.'

Help the cause and get free APM training

In addition to Paul's London Marathon he will also be using his skills as a project management trainer to raise funds. For the next 2 months APM PFQ and APM PMQ (live ONLIVE virtual classroom or On Demand) will be absolutely FREE! All we ask is that you make the required charitable donation in exchange to Paul's JustGiving page. Find out more by visiting our funding page in aid of Sense charity. 

About Paul Bradley

Paul Bradley is a leading authority on project management methods and techniques. With over 25 years in the industry, Paul's knowledge and experience is respected by clients, accreditation bodies and training organisations globally. Paul has been the Managing Director of SPOCE since 2005, and is an accredited trainer for PRINCE2®, APM and AgilePM®. He is a regular presenter at seminars, providing information on project implementation drawn from his expertise as an accredited Axelos P3M3® Consultant. He has had two books published to enhance the training and use of PRINCE2®.

His training and consultancy expertise is in great demand across a variety of project approaches and due to this, he has been asked to contribute to many official publications and research forums.