We are extremely pleased to announce this week the launch of our new Managing Successful Programmes (MSP®) 5th edition e-Learning.

In October 2021 when AXELOS, creators of the approach, announced the release of the new MSP® edition, we quickly responded with our ONLIVE virtual classroom, in-house training and On Demand learning options for delegates. To complete this suite of options, we are happy to announce this week the launch of our SPOCE MSP® 5th edition e-Learning.

Why is this new version of MSP necessary?

Quite simply, so much has changed since the introduction of the 4th edition in 2011, that it has been necessary for creators AXELOS, to fully revise this approach. Since that time there has been a digital revolution, a huge amount of environmental, political and social change, creating greater volatility in business, which in turn has resulted in a greater surge in agile ways of working. This is not to say that linear approaches such as PRINCE2® are not considered hugely important in the running of the associated projects, but programme management itself has been given a more iterative approach.

What are the major changes in MSP 5th edition?

In a nutshell there are changes to the three supporting pillars that underpin the approach. The principles have been rewritten, there are now seven themes where there were nine and the processes have not only been revised, but have been renamed from ‘transformational flow’ to the processes of the lifecycle.

There are also changes to structure of the vision statement, risks and mitigation are given more attention, organisational roles and structure has been revamped and there is a greater focus on the justification of the programme via the business case.

Why choose SPOCE MSP 5th edition e-Learning?

MSP 5th edition e-Learning is the option for you is you have a busy schedule and cannot commit to sitting on a virtual classroom course, yet are confident enough to work through the modules and do the associated tasks independently. This particular release for us as a company is completely aligned with the 5th edition syllabus and has a large amount of support material and tasks to get candidates fully prepared for taking the MSP 5th edition exam (s). This includes tips on how to take the exams and sample examination papers for you to try.

Who needs to take MSP 5th edition certification?

MSP® as an approach is suitable for all aspiring programme managers and key stakeholders in organisational programme management. It is also extremely beneficial for project managers who run larger, more complex projects.

In addition, MSP 5th edition is here for current MSP® 4th edition delegates to upskill. If you currently hold an MSP 4th edition foundation certificate and wish to upskill to 5th edition practitioner then candidates are required to study for the MSP 5th foundation first.

Likewise MSP®4th edition practitioners that wish to retake their practitioner exam to remain current, are also required to take the MSP 5th edition foundation before sitting 5th edition practitioner.

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SPOCE Project Management is a globally recognised training organisation, delivering project and programme management training courses for over 25 years. We were the first ever training provider to deliver Managing Successful Programmes in 2000 and also developed the first e-Learning option for this approach in 2006.

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