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Consultancy & Support

Consultancy & Support

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Portfolio, Programme and Project Consultancy


In addition to accredited training, SPOCE can also assist you in embedding the portfolio, programme and project (PPM) best practice methods though facilitated workshops, consultancy and mentoring. The tabs above give information on the standard services we provide. If you have a specific requirement, then call us on +44 (0)1202 736373

Portfolio, Programme and Project Implementation

The key to success in establishing an effective structured management environment is to ensure that a clear structure exists, with guidance to all levels of the programme and project teams. SPOCE has a proven approach to ensuring the methods and guidance are integrated into your organisation. For more information click on the "Implementation" tab above.

Programme & Project Facilitated Workshops

A number of workshops can be facilitated by SPOCE, including Programme or Project Initiation, Definition and Planning; Product Based Planning; Risk Analysis; End of Tranche/End Stage Assessments; Project Assurance; Project Stabilisation; Project Status and Planning. For more information click on the "Workshops" tab above.

Project Assurance

SPOCE Project Assurance Support can scope your organisations project (s) to ensure that it is starting, being managed and closing in the correct manner. Coupled with facilitated workshops, this service from SPOCE ensures that the PRINCE2® method is being applied properly and is consistent with project requirements.

SPOCE's Project Assurance Event ensures that individuals responsible for undertaking a 'project assurance role' fully understand the importance of the role. The event provides practical guidance to individuals on how best to manage the responsibilities of this role.

For more information click on the "Project Assurance" tab above.

Programme or Project Health Check

All programmes and projects need to be monitored and controlled, regardless of success or difficult times. Triggering a Programme or Project Health Check helps to establish the true status, and will ensure that the programme or project is in line with the corporate 'best practice' standards. For more information click on the "Project Health Check" tab above.

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