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Better Business Cases™ Training and Certification

Better Business Cases™ is based on the Five Case Model ‐ which is the UK government's best practice approach to structuring spending proposals and making effective business decisions. Using this best practice approach will allow organisations to reduce unnecessary spending and improve the decision making process which gives you a greater chance of securing necessary funding and support for initiatives.

SPOCE provide a range of training options for Better Business Cases™ covering both Foundation and Practitioner level. The delivery methods range from instructor-led classroom events, accredited e-Learning, to bespoke on-site client events.

SPOCE can provide Better Business Cases™ training to individuals looking to improve their business case development skills on one of our open public Better Business Cases™ training courses. However, if there are 4 or more delegates within an organisation looking to take the course, SPOCE can offer more cost-effective Better Business Cases™ Client Courses.

Better Business Cases™ Benefits

  • - An improved understanding of the Better Business Case™ process, relevant to both those responsible for producing business cases and those who approve them.
  • - Understanding of an established and proven methodology which can be applied at both strategic (macro) and tactical (micro) levels.
  • - Core business competency for any manager or director.
  • - Reduce unnecessary spend and optimise public value.
  • - Reduce consultancy costs.
  • - Faster throughput and a clear, proportionate approval process.
  • - Improve quality of decision making.

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