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Did you know...?

50% of the people that take PRINCE2® training are not in formal project management roles? Being part of a wider project team can feel a little like cat herding at times...disorganised, dysfunctional and everyone working towards their own individual goals. PRINCE2®, with it's universal framework can alleviate this and move you on to cat herding at the next level.

What is PRINCE2®

PRINCE2® (or Projects In Controlled Environments) is a highly scalable and process-based method for effective project management that can be applied to any project (of any size) and within any industry. It enables organisations to gain greater control of resources, spend, product output, risk and change.

I'm not a project manager, why is PRINCE2® suitable for me?


It's recognised everywhere! - PRINCE2® is the most popular method of project management in the world, not just for project managers, but for anyone involved in projects big and small. It provides a universal framework we can all work within and ensures that everyone in the project is speaking the same language and aiming towards the same goals.

It is flexible in it's application - PRINCE2® has been designed by it's makers AXELOS to be the 'goto' training for anyone that deals with projects in any way. It's focus on tailoring ensures that it can be applied to large and small organisations and equally, to project managers and people who simply find themselves part of the project team.

It is a clear route to the understanding and application of the method - PRINCE2® Foundation is the entry level training that provides delegates with a general understanding of the PRINCE2® themes, processes and principles. It is the perfect prerequisite for PRINCE2® Practitioner and is also very suitable for anyone wishing to gain a general understanding of the PRINCE2® terminology. PRINCE2® Practitioner will teach you how to apply this knowledge to your own projects.

It can be a game changer on your CV - Most roles are invovled in, and encounter, projects in some form or another. To proove that you have a formal understanding of how project management methods are applied will enhance any CV. Once you have earned PRINCE2® Foundation level it is yours for life! *AXELOS products can only be purchased with exams.

Become a next level cat herder

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