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Free APM PFQ & PRINCE2® ONLIVE Virtual Classroom Project Management training

Each free 90 minute session is worth £99

Join us for our FREE APM PFQ and PRINCE2® overview sessions, conducted live from SPOCE...but you can take part from the comfort of your desk. It's simple, just log in and join the session. You can listen live to the trainer and the rest of the class and interact with your virtual class if you wish. Each session is 90 minutes long and worth £99. You will also gain access to valuable training materials and a recording of each session if you wish too!

Whether you are a seasoned project or programme professional who would like to brush up on your knowledge or new to the industry and want to know more about the project approaches before you book your course, then these sessions are for you.

Please be sure to register your name, telephone number and email address in the registration box. Please ensure you check your registration link before the session starts. If you wish to receive the recording of the session please register using the 'Replay' button. Please ensure you register by 5pm 16th July 2019 to ensure your place.

APM session




Book me in for both sessions and replays


The free 1.5 hour virtual classroom overviews have been introduced by SPOCE to give those new to project management an understanding of the principles which underpin each of the methods and the associated qualification schemes. It also is a fantastic way to brush up on the principles if you have been certified some time ago.

The sessions are tasters and are meant to give delegates and clients a flavour of what is involved in the certification.

It is also a fantastic way to engage key stakeholders so that they have a good understanding of the terms and references used in the method. 

Eligible for CPD/PDU credits

PRINCE2® overview presented by SPOCE MD Paul Bradley

PRINCE2 is the worlds most popular method of project management. Gain an understanding of what this is in a nutshell while we explain the themes, process and principles that underpin the very framework of PRINCE2®. Find out just how scalable it is and how compatible this is with other methods of project management that are growing in popularity.

PRINCE2® overview presented by SPOCE MD Paul Bradley

PRINCE2 is the worlds most popular method of project management. Gain an understanding of what this is in a nutshell while we explain the themes, process and principles that underpin the very framework of PRINCE2®. Find out just how scalable it is and how compatible this is with other methods of project management that are growing in popularity.

APM PFQ (APM Project Management Qualification) by SPOCE MD Paul Bradley

APM PFQ (Project Fundamentals Qualification) and assesses all areas of project management in a practical way such as budgeting, cost management, conflict management, leadership, negotiation, procurement ect...Join Paul while he walks you through the structure of organisations and projects, project life cycles, governance and structured methodologies, communication and much more.

Project and Programme Management (PPM) - A cocktail of project approaches, presented by SPOCE MD paul Bradley

Ever wondered how the labyrinth of project and programme methods fit together. Which ones complement each other and support the other? Just embarking on your project career and wondering where on earth to start, or simply wondering what would suit you next? Join SPOCE Managing Director Paul Bradley as he walks us through the wide variety or project and programme approaches.

AgilePM® overview presented by lead trainer, Julia Gosse

Are you working in a project environment that requires you to be Agile? Or about to embark on a career that requires Agility? Based on the proven fundamentals of DSDM, application of this method allows organisations to rise to the challenge of constant change within projects by using agile methods. Understand the differences of working within and agile environment compared to more traditional methods of project management and find out just how compatible this certification is with PRINCE2®.PRINCE2 Agile® overview by lead trainer Julia Gosse

SPOCE recently ran the first ever pilot scheme for the new PRINCE2 Agile® Foundation course and the response that we had proves just how popular this approach is becoming. Let Julia Gosse take you through the tried and tested agile approaches such as SCRUM and explain how complementing these with the clearly defined framework of PRINCE2® can provide the perfect combination.

Managing Successful Programmes (MSP) by SPOCE MD Paul Bradley

Find out how large complex change can be broken down into manageable and inter related projects. Successful programme management is increasingly seen as being key to enabling large organisations deal with transformation and change and in today's economic and business landscape it is becoming apparent that this is necessary for survival. Adopting programme management provides a structured framework for organisations to work toward, in order that they can minimise risk and achieve their goals

Is it a project or a programme? Presented by SPOCE MD Paul Bradley

We would be unable to count the times when we have been asked the question...what makes something a project or a programme? Well, a project is a single deliverable with an end date and programme is a collection of projects? In theory yes, but fundamentals are a little more complex than that. join SPOCE MD Paul Bradley while he walks us thought what the differences and commonalities are between a project and a programme and when it is time for the project that your organisation has implemented to become a programme.

MoP® Presented by SPOCE Lead trainer Julia Gosse

Management of Portfolios (MoP®) is about investing in the right change initiatives and implementing them effectively. MoP® helps organisations answer a fundamental question: 'Are we sure this investment is right for us and how will it contribute to our strategic objectives?'. Join SPOCE lead trainer Julia Gosse as we navigate through the benefits and principles of portfolio management.

Each session will supply essential material required for topic covered.

Download our latest templates, eBooks, course outlines and articles so that you have all the information that you may need to make an informed choice about using the methods effectively and indeed what next.

Paul Bradley, MD of SPOCE Project Management.

Paul Bradley is a leading authority on PRINCE2® methodology. With over 20 years in the industry, Paul's knowledge and experience is respected by clients, accreditation bodies and training organisations globally. Paul is a regular presenter at seminars, providing information on project management implementation drawn from his experience in helping organisations make use of well proven project management frameworks. Paul has had two books published to enhance the training and use of PRINCE2®. These two publications are ‘The PRINCE2® Examinations Assistant’ which is aimed at students preparing for their exams, and ‘PRINCE2® – The Project Manager’s Guide’, which was published by Project Manager Today and is designed to give project managers a practical guide for using PRINCE2®.

Julia Gosse, lead trainer for AgilePM® and PRINCE2 Agile®.

During the last 30 years Julia has been providing project management consultancy and training to a wide range of organisations worldwide. This involves developing and delivering course material and giving advice on the use of the methods and best practice guidance. She has worked extensively in the public sector and have undertaken training for the Ministry of Defence and on a number of military sites. She has recently been the subject matter expert responsible for the design and narration of both the AgilePM® and PRINCE2 Agile® e-Learning products for SPOCE.

Why ONLIVE Virtual Classroom from SPOCE?

Morning, Daytime, Evening - the choice is yours
Our unique schedule of training give you the benefits of learning in the morning, evening, or all day. You can even take a mix of each. When using SPOCE ONLIVE Virtual Classroom, you can complete your learning in 3 days, or two weeks. You can retake learning sessions, review recorded sessions, and use the additional e-learning facility to ratify your knowledge.

ONLIVE Interactive training - when it suits you
- A more flexible way to get qualified in project management
- Learn anywhere you want to
- At home, in the office, or while travelling
- Use any device
- On your laptop, iPad or mobile device
- Total convenience
- No shoes, no coat, no dress code, no travel, no bags to carry
- All levels of learning
- Introduction, Executive Briefing, Foundation and Practitioner

I just wanted to feedback to you how I really like the structure of the Prince2 re-registration course I took in later December 2017. I successfully passed the re-registration and the help from SPOCE definitely aided that. So thank you for all your assistance with that.

ONLIVE Case study, Zuan UK Consultancy

"SPOCE ONLIVE is good old fashioned real-time interaction but with no inconvenience at all. It is incredibly easy to use and far exceeded any preconceptions I had about virtual classroom training."

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