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SPOCE eBook | APMG Business Change Management

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Did you know...?

That APMG accredited Business Change Management focuses on the people involved and affected by change in your organisation. For change to be successful, the right people need to be involved in making the decisions, planning and implementing the change. Everyone affected by the change (the users) need to support it and make the decision to work in new ways. If this doesn’t happen, however well planned and managed your project is, the change will not take place and benefits will not be realised.

What you will learn

This e-Book has been adapted/recreated from original textual information from the ‘The Essential Change Managers Handbook’. In this e-Book you will find out about the essential elements that make up the Foundation and Practitioner course, see an example of the general course content and find out what is expected of candidates during the exams.

Fantastic Change Management offer

SPOCE are offering a fantastic 20% discount off our next Bournemouth 5 day classroom course (now £1359) for anyone that registered for this webinar. If you are not located near our Bournemouth offices but would like to come and stay in this beautiful part of Southern England, then we are also offering FREE Accomodation (excl 20% discount). The course takes place from Monday 25th November to Friday 29th November at our centrally located Bournemouth training rooms offices. If you would like to take advantage of this offer please call 01202 736 373 or email with the code CM1.

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