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MoV® Training and Certification

There has probably never been greater pressure on individuals and organisations, in both public and private sectors, to do more and more with less and less. For all organisations, finding the resources to meet essential and, often, escalating demands is putting unprecedented pressure on product and service quality. There is clear need for a way to match what is delivered with the available resources, without undermining essential quality of the outputs and to be able to demonstrate clearly that the decisions taken will maximise value.

Management of Value (MoV®) has evolved from the tried and successful practice of value management across many sectors and over many years. The MoV® guidance aligns the established methods with 'Cabinet Office' Best Management Practice Programme and Project Management guidance. The MoV® guidance is aligned with the established methods within 'Cabinet Office' PPM guidance. The guidance describes techniques that are not new, but their use is often overlooked or misapplied.

The guidance is intended to help organisations use a successful, proven methodology to supplement their current management practices, so that they can increase the value they deliver and make better use of resources.

MoV® joins the 'Best Practice' suite

MoV® joins the 'Cabinet office' Best management Practice suite of guides aimed at improving performance for those involved in managing Portfolios, Programmes and Projects in the public and private sectors, known as the P3RM guides (Portfolio, Programme, Project and Risk Management). It is equally relevant to improving operational efficiencies.

The guide is structured around four integrated concepts:

1. Principles: factors that underpin MoV®
2. Processes and Techniques: the methods and tools used in MoV® application
3. Approach: How to apply MoV® portfolios, programmes and projects
4. Environment: Responding to external and internal influences

How to embed the practice of MoV®

In addition the guide contains information on how to embed the practice of MoV® into an organisation and four appendices covering document outlines, a toolbox of useful techniques, how to conduct a health check on MoV® practice within an organisation and, finally, how to assess and improve maturity of MoV® practice.

This guide is intended to inform senior management who may be concerned with introducing MoV® to apply to portfolios programmes, projects or operations, or to supplement other management methods to deliver strategy. There is also an 'Executive Guide to Value Management', a pocket sized guide, which is published separately and intended specifically for senior management to help them optimise the use of resources, to enhance the delivery of essential benefits and thus improve value for money.

MoV® Methodology

For the P3RM community, the guide is aimed at those involved in directing, managing, supporting and delivering portfolios, programmes and projects. This includes senior management, programme managers, project managers, change managers and project and programme office staff and their sponsors. In addition, it would greatly benefit risk managers, to enable them to identify and manage opportunities effectively. It will build on the good practice provided in other P3RM guides to maximise value.

MoV® is relevant to portfolios, programmes and projects. In the context of MoV®, portfolios reflect the organisation's strategic objectives and set the agenda for the programmes that deliver the objectives , which, in turn, define the projects that deliver the required outcomes. At project level, MoV® takes its direction from Programme Management, who set the agenda for delivering benefits for the organisation. Outputs and Lessons from the applications of MoV® are reported back to Portfolio or Programme level as appropriate to inform management and to share lessons for improvement across the portfolio.

MoV® Benefits

The key benefits of MoV® qualification are;

MoV® supplements the main purposes of PRINCE2® (successful delivery of justified business benefits through projects), MSP® (transformational change), M_o_R® (reducing uncertainty) with its main purpose of maximising value, and MoP® (portfolio management).

It also shares with Lean (and, to a lesser extent, Six Sigma ) the principles of involvement of the customer, elimination of waste and greater efficiency. The principal difference is that where Lean and Six Sigma focus on efficient delivery, MoV® is focused on efficiency, effectiveness, and economy. MoV® helps to deliver more of the right things, for less and leads to more effective use of available resources. When times are good the demand is to deliver more with less to remain competitive. In leaner times the demands are for cutting costs in a manner that inflicts as little harm as possible. In some circumstances, value may be added by stopping certain activities or projects. MoV® provides a way of addressing this in an objective and auditable manner.

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