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PRINCE2 Exams Only, PRINCE2 Exam Cost and Plus Packages

PRINCE2® Exam Cost & PLUS Packages

The following are PRINCE2® exam packages, certainly not for the faint-hearted, come with 7 days complementary access to accredited eLearning to give you the best chance of success in the AXELOS PRINCE2® and other exams. Click here to view the full eLearning packages

Foundation Exam Plus£349

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  • PRINCE2® Passport eLearning
  • Accredited Trainer Support
  • PRINCE2® Foundation Exam
  • PRINCE2® ebook manual on booking exam
  • PRINCE2® manual hard copy £125 optional extra
  • 21 Category-C PDUs

Practitioner Exam Plus£399

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  • PRINCE2® Passport eLearning
  • Accredited Trainer Support
  • PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam
  • PRINCE2® manual hard copy £125 optional extra
  • 30 Category-C PDUs

Agile Practitioner Exam Plus£399

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  • PRINCE2 Agile® Passport eLearning
  • Accredited Trainer Support
  • PRINCE2 Agile® Practitioner Exam
  • PRINCE2® manual hard copy £125 optional extra
  • 16 Category-C PDUs

PRINCE2®: Passport Demo

Try a sample of the PRINCE2® Passport module to get a taste of the SPOCE's acclaimed and accredited eLearning packages

Includes complementary Accredited e-Learning

Product Terms and Conditions (SPOCE's standard terms and conditions apply)

  • Passport e-Learning online license only.
  • e-Learning - 7 consecutive days access (dates of your choice).
  • PRINCE2® Exams are online only and must be taken within 60 days of purchase.
  • PRINCE2® Exam cost/fees above reflect UK exam prices, there might be an additional charge if you wish to sit them abroad.
  • Candidates have access to the PRINCE2® digital manual (available in hard copy as an optional extra)
  • An additional 1 month, 3 month and 6 month online access can be purchased within 60 days of original purchase.

PRINCE2® Passport - is a well acclaimed and accredited eLearning for AXELOS PRINCE2® Project Management. It aims to provide you with a straightforward (self-paced) route to passing PRINCE2® foundation exam and PRINCE2 practitioner exam and becoming a PRINCE2® certified registered practitioner. This PRINCE2® foundation and practiitoner online e-Learning package is available as web based on-line 24x7 access with accredited trainer support.

Our accredited PRINCE2® e-Learning can also be used to support your claim for up to 30 Category-C PDUs for the PMI's Continuing Certification Requirements Scheme (CCRS). See all about earning and claiming your PDUs.

Bulk Corporate licenses also come with supervisory access to a fully featured Learning Management System with collaborative, social media, user management and reporting capabilities. Options to host it on your own SCORM compliant LMS are also available please contact us to discuss your specific needs. Info for Resellers and affiliates.

What does PRINCE2® online e-Learning contain?

PRINCE2® Passport e-Learning contains learning modules for both PRINCE2® Foundation & Practitioner study level, so there is no need to purchase additional learning software for progressing to PRINCE2® Practitioner level. Please note that when studying for the Practitioner exam, a copy of the PRINCE2® Manual is required

Prince 2 Exams Only, Prince 2 Exam Online, e-Learning for Prince2 examPrince 2 Exams Only, Prince 2 Exam Online, e-Learning for Prince2 exam questionsPrince 2 Exams Only, e-Learning for Prince2 exam
  • 12 modules with associated interactive lessons
  • Video presentations for each lesson
  • Notes to support each lesson and references to the PRINCE2® Manual (for Practitioner level study)
  • Module level foundation and practitioner tests directly aligned to the PRINCE2 syllabus covered
  • Online support forums and chat (online)
  • PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner exam simulations with feedback.
  • Interactive exercises, tasks and games to consolidate the learning
  • Extensive PRINCE2® Exam Approaches module to support the "Objective Testing" PRINCE2® Practitioner exam
  • Progress reporting facility, Online support forums and chat (online)

PRINCE2® Exam Online and PRINCE2® Exam Only packages available now as above with complimentary 7 days access to accredited eLearning

How long should I study for?

To complete the Introduction level competency, we recommend about 5 hours for learning and reflection. 20 hours for Foundation level and about 30 hours (cumulative) for Practitioner level study and qualification. This study will be a mixture of computer-based training using the e-Learning, reference to the PRINCE2® Manual and other support documents and completion of the practical tasks and tests. Depending on other commitments, you will require anything from 2 weeks to 6 months to complete this learning.

Purchasing this product provides you with a license to use PRINCE2® Passport for a period of 7 days from the date of purchase or a date of your choice. During this period the product is supported to ensure that the content is consistent with the method syllabus. The e-Learning and Practitioner Exams are valid for 6 months from the date of the initial purchase.

If you find that time passes by more quickly than you thought, then you can extend the license and exam time by contacting our team:

It is advisable to identify a date for completion of the self study to help focus on completion. 3 weeks notice applicable to arrange the exam. Failure to attend your confirmed exam event may result in transfer charges being applied (see Terms & Conditions).

PRINCE2® Exam Online

PRINCE2® Exam Online and PRINCE2® Exam Only packages available now as above with complimentary 7 days access to accredited eLearning

PRINCE2 Exam Details

You can now only take your PRINCE2® exams online

We would recommend booking your exam at least 3 weeks in advance.

Please contact our admin team by email at or call us on +44 (0) 1202 736373 to discuss your options.

Online PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Exams

Take your PRINCE2® Foundation exam and/or PRINCE2® Practitioner exam online! This exam option is available using your own webcam and microphone (Valid ID required) and allows you to take the exam in the comfort of your own home at a convenient time without the need for a physical invigilator.

It is ideal for candidates who may not have access to exam centres or those who may not be able to get to an exam centre.

Please note a minimum of 3 weeks notice is normally applicable to arrange online exams.

PRINCE2 Foundation Exam

The PRINCE2® Foundation Exam is the first of the two PRINCE2® examinations you will need to pass to become a registered PRINCE2® Practitioner. This PRINCE2® exam aims to assess (Competency - Knowledge & Comprehension) whether a candidate would be able to act as an informed member of a project management team in a PRINCE2® project management environment. The candidate would need to show a solid understanding of the PRINCE2® themes, processes, principles, roles and techniques, in particular:-

  • To identify the purpose and major content of all roles, the components, processes and themes as described in the manual. Identify the source or derivation of the management products, from their purpose and/or key content. Indicate the relationships between processes, products, roles and the management dimensions of a project. The PRINCE2® Foundation examination comprises a one hour paper (60 minutes) consists of 60 PRINCE2 exam questions in total which cover all areas of the PRINCE2® Foundation syllabus. The PRINCE2® Foundation exam uses objective test questions which require a candidate to choose a response to a question from a set of choices, only one of which is correct. Marks are not subtracted for incorrect answers. No support materials are allowed as it is a 'closed-book' exam.

The PRINCE2® Foundation Exam question booklet contains 60 questions - 60 exam questions and 5 trial questions, each covering a different syllabus topic. Each of the 60 questions is worth 1 mark, but the trial questions are not scored. The pass mark is 33 (55%). Delegates are expected to answer all questions. There is however no indication of which questions are exam questions and which are trial.

Test your PRINCE2® knowledge now using the free version of PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Simulation. Delegates on SPOCE's PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner classroom courses as well as eLearning courses get access to the full version of the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam Simulation along with a wealth of other resources to not only help excel in their exams but also facilitate use of the method at your work place and in your projects.

PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam

The PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam is the higher level of qualification in PRINCE2®. A prerequisite for sitting this exam is that the delegate must have sat and passed the PRINCE2® Foundation Exam. The PRINCE2® practitioner exam aims to assess whether the candidate would be able to apply (Competency - Application, Analysis & Evaluation) PRINCE2® to the management of a project within a PRINCE2® environment. Having exhibited the competence required to satisfy the PRINCE2® Foundation qualification, the delegate has to show they have the ability to apply and tailor PRINCE2® to address the needs and problems of a specific project scenario.

This is a 2 and half hour (150 minutes) objective test format examination. It is an open-book exam, which allows the candidate to refer to the official PRINCE2® manual during the exam. The PRINCE2® Practitioner exam uses objective style test questions which require a candidate to choose a response to a question from a set of choices. The PRINCE2® exam will consist of 68 questions.The pass mark is 38 (55%).

<[p> A PRINCE2® Practitioner Exam simulation is provided as part of the event preparation material on SPOCE's classroom events and eLearning packages which provides samples of the scenario, question styles and formats and provides a safe and encouraging environment to test and reform your understanding of the method. Having passed the Practitioner Exam, your name will be entered onto a register of successful PRINCE2® Practitioners. To remain on the register, you will need to show continued competence in axelos PRINCE2® by resitting the Practitioner exam or retaining your membership and digital badge through the AXELOS PRINCE2® membership scheme. PRINCE2® membership is now available to delegates who pass the PRINCE2® exam.

PRINCE2® Exam Online

PRINCE2® Exam Online and PRINCE2® Exam Only packages available now as above with complimentary 7 days access to accredited eLearning

Technical Requirements

PRINCE2® Passport Web/Online access

Supported Browser: Any latest standards compliant browser (Firefox 3+, Chrome, Safari, MS Internet Explorer 6+)with latest flash player, acrobat reader, sound card with speakers or headphones, and javascript enabled.


Why PRINCE2® Passport self-study?

  • Provides flexibility for those wishing to study at a time, pace and place convenient to them
  • A flexible choice of different options and packages (Practitioner, Exam bundles, online exams)
  • A cost-effective solution for both individuals and organisations
  • People who study using SPOCE's Passport products achieve a higher score in the Foundation exam
  • Passport achieves higher pass rates in the Practitioner exam compared to classroom training
  • Browser-based online software gives you the freedom to access it 24x7 from any location in the world, using a variety of devices
Just to flag, I took the exam yesterday, and passed. Many thanks for all your help. The eLearning package was brilliant
- James, Devon and Cornwall Police

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