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Did you know...?

That PRINCE2® is the world's most popular and successful approach to project management and was rated the single most important PM approach by Project Managers.*

What's in this book?

In this eBook you will find out what we mean when we say that a project is PRINCE2® and what type of things you will be studying when you sit a PRINCE2® course. We will tell you all about the benefits of the world's most popular approach to Project Management and what you can expect when you sit a PRINCE2® Foundation exam.

I'm not a Project Manager, why do I need PRINCE2®?

Did you know that 50% of people who take PRINCE2® are not in a formal Project Management role?  PRINCE2® is highly scalable and can be applied to any project, of any size and to any industry. So, whether you are working within a large scale organisation that has embedded PRINCE2® within it's project culture, or whether you are a one man band, striving to be more efficient and organised, PRINCE2® can be applied to everyone. 

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 *AXELOS PPM benchmark report 2017.