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Welcome to ISO/IEC 20000 Foundation £399 + VAT introductory offer

How to gain the international standard for IT Service Management delivery

The go-to certification standard that shows organisations and individuals are taking their ITSM best practice seriously. ITSM approaches like ITIL®, answer the 'how?' for continual improvement in IT service management, ISO/IEC 20000 tells us the 'how well?' It is the global benchmark which demonstrates a commitment to best practice ITSM.


What does it do?

Amongst other things: It specifies the requirements for ITSM; provides guidance to organisations on their application of service management systems; produces a gap analysis; gives guidance on scope and definition and provides an assessment model organisations can use to benchmark their ITSM.

What will this course teach you?

This course is targeted at organisations and individuals that wish to implement ISO/IEC 20000. It gives a basic understanding of the relationship between ISO and ITSM and provides details on what an organisation needs to do to be accredited to this standard.

What’s great about it?

If you and your organisation are putting in all the resource and effort to improve your ITSM to best practice standards, then why not have the benchmark that substantiates that you are doing this? Likewise, if you are not, it will tell you where and how you are falling short.

How does it fit?

With ITIL? Perfectly!  The two are separate strings of the same bow. ITIL is your roadmap towards continual IT Service improvement and ISO/IEC 20000 is your benchmark. The two, used well together, are your blueprint for service excellence.

Why would I use ISO/IEC 20000 and not something else?

Simply put, you wouldn't. ISO is the gold standard of excellence and is also the most globally recognised ITSM certification code of practice. 

The course

- 5 months access and approximately 15 hourse study time with official exam included. Accredited by PeopleCert.

- Cost £499 + VAT with exams but for a limited time this is now £399 + VAT with exams.


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If you have four delegates or more wishing to attend please contact 

Course content

- 6 easy to absorb modules covering terminology structure and value

- Video tutorial, study guides and quizzes

- Module 1: Introduction to ISO/IEC 20000

- Module 2: Service Management System general requirements

- Module 3: Service delivery and relationship process

- Module 4: Design, transition and control resolution processes

- Module 5: Audits

- Module 6: Exam preparation

- Includes free eBook: ISO/IEC 20000 a pocket guide

- Study time: 15 hours

- Exam information:

- 40 questions. 1 hour 65% pass mark. 


Call 01202 736 373


If you have four delegates or more wishing to attend please contact

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