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Welcome to ITIL® 4 training

ITSM for the 4th Industrial Revolution

Welcome to ITIL® 4 courses and certification. The next generation of ITSM, incorporating IT Service Management within the digital age, slicker, holistic and acknowledging complementary practices such as Agile and DevOps. ITIL® has been the leading IT Service approach for over 30 years and countless brands and careers have been powered by it. Now ITIL® steps up into the next generation in this highly anticipated revolution of the ITSM framework.*AXELOS products can only be purchased with exams.

Why ITIL® 4?

While ITIL® has driven unprecedented change in the world of ITSM, so it  acknowledges that it needs to change to reflect the new complex digital landscape. ITIL® 4 is at the very core of this. It is an expansion of the previous version that acknowledges the new ways of working within the modern age.

What's changed? 

1. Certification: ITIL® Foundation now has a version 4 which looks very different to the previous version. For this reason, its creators AXELOS recommend that any delegates with ITIL® Foundation only take the new ITIL® 4 Foundation course and exam. For those that are very up to speed on ITIL® 3 and would like a slightly faster route, SPOCE offer a 'bridging' course. More about this later.

2. Approach: A more holistic approach is now taken with ITIL® 4 that accounts for not just for the value IT services can bring, but how they fit into the wider business objectives.

3. Practices not processes: The processes are now 'practices'. No longer are they just procedures to be followed, but the people element is very much considered. This includes IT teams, partners, suppliers and anyone involved in the end to end process.

4. A 'nod' to other practices: ITIL® 4 is now a complementary framework that acknowledges other practices such as DevOps, COBIT, Lean and Agile.

5. The guiding principles: The guiding principles previously central to ITIL® Practitioner are now at the core of ITIL® 4.i.e. focus on value; start where you are; progress iteratively with feedback; collaborate and promote visibility; think and work holistically; keep it simple and practical; optimise and automate.

Transitioning from ITIL 3 to ITIL 4

ITIL® 3 Foundation: Keep your skills up to date and take ITIL® 4 Foundation classroom or e-Learning. Or, if you would like a slightly faster route to ITIL® 4 Foundation, SPOCE offer a 'bridging' ITIL 4 Foundation course that can be taken over 2 days in the classroom.


ITIL® 3 more than 6 credits collected: Continue your ITIL® journey and take the transition module (Managing Professional) at 17 credits.


ITIL® Expert / Master: Take the transition module.


Note: The ITIL® credits scheme awards a number of credits for each qualification a delegate takes, and they are required to have 17 to enable them to become an ‘Expert’, hence the requirement to have 17 credits to take the bridging module.


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