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SPOCE are raising funds in aid of Sense. Free training for your help!

APM Project Fundamentals | APM Project Management qualification

This October, our SPOCE MD and running enthusiast Paul Bradley, will running the TCS London Marathon in aid of Sense, a national disability charity for people with deafblindness and people with complex disabilities . His 'JustGiving' sponsorship page is opposite. He will also be providing us with updates, project style, of course with his regular blog posts, the first instalment is also opposite. However, he hasn't stopped there. In addition to the marathon he will also be conducting FREE APM training courses throughout July, August and September in exchange for a recommended charitable donation to the initiative. 

How does this all work?

SPOCE ONLIVE Virtual Classroom training is held live online though the months of Jul - Sept and all of the courses you see below are completely free of charge. All we ask is that you make a charitable donation of £100 to the SPOCE Sense charity initiative for the APM PFQ course and £200 for APM PMQ. The training will take you through the entire syllabus and 100% of your contribution will go to the Sense charity. So, you will be helping fulfil your training needs and helping a worthy cause at the same time! Exams are an additional but optional cost of £299 + VAT for PFQ and £499 + VAT for PMQ. Manuals are also an optional £49 + VAT  The exams and manual are an optional extras becuase they are not part of the charity initiative. Simply choose ANY of the courses and learning options below and contact our team to get set up.

How do I take part?

1/ Browse dates and training options below.
2/ Book yourself on by contactng our team. The cost of your course will be £0.
3/ Request an exam and manual separately 'if' you wish to purchase.
4/ Make the required donation to Paul's 'JustGiving' page to be given access to the course. 

Please be aware that this initiative does not include manual or exam but they can be purchased as an 'optional' extra by contacting a member of our team.

Click for Pauls Just Giving page 

For APM PFQ pick a course from the list below then contact our team

APM PFQ ONLIVE virtual classroom 27 - 29th September 

APM PFQ e-Learning 6 months free access 

APM PFQ On Demand recording of virtual classroom sessions 6 months free access 

For APM PMQ pick a course from the list below then contact our team

APM PMQ  ONLIVE Virtual Classroom 15-19 August 

APM PMQ On Demand recording of virtual classroom with 6 months free access

Exams and manual are not part of this initiative but can be purchased as an optional extra by contacting a member of our team.

PFQ exam only for £299 + VAT

PMQ exam only for £499 + VAT

Manual £49 + VAT

Or contact our sales team for more information on:

T: 01202 736 373 | E: Sales@spoce.com | C: Live chat 

Why this initiative? 

Sense are a charity that understand how vital communication is, in all its forms. Especially to those people with complex disabilities like people with deafblindness. They understand that communication, whether this is through sound, sight, touch and all our senses, can help unite families and make communities more inclusive for those with complex needs.  APM as an approach, champions the need for good communication and communication plans. It teaches that right level of communication, to the right audience at the right time is essential to success. Paul, as an APM approved trainer can not only use his much loved hobby to help the charity, but also his skills and 25 years experience as a trainer and project management expert.   Read more about Paul's training experience in his blog.

More about Sense

Sense put disabled people and their loved ones at the heart of everything they do. They have over 65 years of expertise in providing personalised support for people of all ages — from early life to adulthood.

They offer residential care, virtual support, and have a network of centres in communities across the country. They also provide lifelong opportunities for disabled people to be creative and active through holidays, arts, sports, and wellbeing programmes. (Sense website).

"Sense’s work is crucial in helping people live the lives they want each and every day. Too many people with complex disabilities face a battle to find the right support. We’re here to help people who face communication barriers in a world that relies on being able to see and hear well to be connected."  Richard Kramer, CEO Sense.

Click the image on the right to visit their website.

T: 01202 736 373 | E: Sales@spoce.com | C: Live chat 

Terms and Conditions: Please be aware that initiative applies only to the courses listed on this page. Some of the course details will say that exam / manual is included but this only applies when the course is purchased at full price. This is because 100% of the donation goes to Sense charity and exams / manuals are not part of this initiative. Exams or manual can be purchased separately. APM PFQ and PMQ free training applies only to virtual classroom courses held in the months of July August and September 2022 an On Demand APM courses purchased before 31st September 2022. Exams are an additional £299 + VAT for PFQ and £499+VAT for PMQ. Exams are an 'optional' exra.  Applies only to APM courses held by SPOCE and also PFQ and PMQ OnDemand recordings and PFQ e-Learning until 31st September 2022. No discounts can be applied as the course is free. The £100 or £200 cost is charitable donation for which 100% of the proceeds will go be in aid of Sense charity.  SPOCE reserve the right to remove the initiative at any time.